Benefit of Snus

In a world that increasingly rejects smokers, being able to get nicotine into the body in a way that people don’t see is good news. One of the forms is snus, a Swedish invention that for many years was imposed as a form of smokeless smoking.

What is snus?

Let’s start by knowing what snus is. Snus is a smokeless stimulant that contains nicotine that you take by mouth. It is placed under the tongue and dissolves slowly without generating residue. It is, in short, a small bag that you put in your mouth and nobody knows.

Snus contains, in addition to nicotine, chopped tobacco, water and salt, and can also include aromas, such as bergamot oil, rose essence, peppermint, chocolate or caramel.

Snus is not a new product, far from it. It has been present in the country for more than 200 years and is already part of Swedish culture. In addition, it is consumed in other countries such as Finland, Norway, the United States, Russia, Denmark, Canada, Malaysia, Israel, India, Austria and Switzerland.

Health benefits of snus

In a study carried out by the University of Queensland (Australia), the effects of snus were analyzed trying to see how the life expectancy of the general population is improved if they consume snus instead of cigarettes.

The authors analyzed the smoking habit of Australian citizens aged 35 and over. Current smokers were distinguished; cigarette users who adopt snus use; tobacco paste consumers who have never tried cigarettes and those who, after smoking, abandoned any form of this product.

The results of the study indicated that smokers who switch to snus, rather than continue smoking, and new users who only consume snus will see significant gains in their health

They also add that the benefit is especially notable among heavy smokers who choose to consume snus and who, if they had not made that change, would have continued to consume cigarettes.

But at the social level is where the greatest benefits are seen. Snus could produce a net benefit to health at the population level if adopted by a sufficient number of heavy smokers, reducing atmospheric smoke and so-called «passive smokers.»

Currently, evidence shows that this product contains fewer toxins than other smoke-free forms.

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